Rice Arancini

What do you do if last night you cooked Risotto and you have some left over?!

You make these rice balls called Arancini that my grandmother used to make when I was little and that my cousins and I loved immensely!

I cooked the Risotto with mushroom (posted just before this recipe), and I had a small amount left over so I used it as a base for my Arancini, but you can use any kind of risotto you have left.


Left over Risotto

Cheese cubes – any cheese that melts like Belpaese, Cheddar…


2 Eggs

A 1/2 glass of Milk or double cream


Peanut oil for frying

Take your leftover risotto and make a few rice balls. Stick one of your finger in the middle of each rice ball to create a hole that you will fill with a cheese cube.

Close the hole and make sure that the cheese is well protected inside the ball by the rice.

Reshape the ball (if, during the process, it lost its rounded shape) and dip it in a bowl where you have previously mixed eggs, salt and milk.

After rolling the balls inside the eggs mix, roll them again, but this time into the breadcrumbs to cover each ball with a breadcrumb layer.

Prepare a frying-pan filled with 1-2 inches of very hot peanut oil and fry the rice balls evenly until they get a golden colour.

The cheese inside needs to melt, so turn the balls a few times to make sure that the heat is also getting inside.

When the Arancini are cooked, take them out of the oil using a skimmer and let them get dry inside a colander. In this way the Arancini will be crispy and not greasy.

Add salt and enjoy each bite!
PS I usually burn my tongue every time!!!


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