Chalet Gostner – Seiser Alm – BZ – Italy

The Chalet Gostner, or Malga Gostner, is the place where to eat flowers!!!

They cook using all natural products, things that they produce, and they also cook with flowers…you can even order a “Flowers Salad“.

I couldn’t find their website, I honestly don’t think they have one, but I could find their details:

Seiser Alm
Tel.: 0039/347 836 81 54

The malga Gostner is not far from the main road and I went there with some friends that have a baby and it was no problem at all to get there.

To be honest the food was a bit too salty for all of us and a bit more expensive than in any other Chalet, but if you are curious and you want to try, for once, a different, more creative food then I would suggest you go and see what they have on their menu.

Their menu is quite interesting too as the pages are in between two big pieces of wood.

The owners look after all the details, from the plate presentation to the choice of the cutlery or the glasses.

We tried 3 different plates choosing from the list of their more typical suggestions. One of the plates was just a slightly different version of the local “Canederli” with mushrooms, nothing special except the fact that it was presented with flowers all around.

I decided to order a “potato soup with herbs and meat cake“. I got very excited about it as the Italian and German menu described the herbs as “pesto al pino cembro” – which I translated as pine cembro pesto…

It was nice, salty – madly salty – but nice. The soup was strangely fresh even if it was served warm and the meat cake in the middle was very tasty full of – salt – and herbs.

The last plate we tried was a modified version of the local ravioli served this time with a very delicate pepper sauce. Maybe this one was the least salty of all as the peppers were sweet.

At this point, as thirsty as camels, we had beers and elderflower syrup, facing the beautiful scenery of Seiser Alm and enjoying our day up in the mountains.


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