Fried Parasol Mushrooms

The Parasol Mushroom, also known as Mazza di tamburo, Puppola, Bubbola maggiore and Ombrellone o Parasole, is a tall, slim mushroom that I know how to cook only in one way: fried!!!! I am sure you can cook it in a lot of other ways but in my family we always cooked it as if it was a veggy breaded cutlet.

When the mushroom is fully grown it will open like a parasol but if you find a few that are still little, put the mushroom stems inside a glass of water and they will open, getting ready to be cooked.

I will not list the quantities of each ingredient as it will vary depending on the mushroom quantities you will have bought or found.


Parasol Mushrooms





Peanut Oil for frying

Cut the mushroom stems and throw them away as you will eat just the umbrella part.

Whisk the eggs with some milk and salt inside a bowl – large enough to contain the mushrooms.

Take each mushroom and dip it inside the eggs mix. After, coat the mushroom in breadcrumbs.

Repeat the same steps for all your mushrooms making sure they soak up the eggs well so the breadcrumbs will not get lost in the hot oil when you cook them.

At this point, when you have all your mushrooms well coated in breadcrumbs, it’s time to fry

I use peanut oil as it reaches a good frying temperature and it’s the most similar to olive oil when you fry.

Pour a few inches of oil inside a frying pan and drop in your mushrooms as soon as the oil is hot.

To have crunchy mushrooms remember to dry them inside a colander before serving.

I had an aubergine in the fridge, so I fried that too and you can see my “intruder” in the photo!


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