Lavander-Scented Blackberry Jam

Even if it was a crazy raining day I couldn’t resist! I wore my wellies, a thick rain jacket and I went out in the garden absolutely determined to pick all the blackberries around.

I totally succeeded! I had a little basket full of ripe blackberries! I also had a very wet pair of trousers – no matter as I was wearing my wellies!!! – and my hands looked like a colander after picking the evil blackberries! I was indeed very proud of my “booty”.

For my recipe I needed 1 Kg of blackberries and, even if my basket was pretty full at the end, I had only 700 gr so I’ve ended up buying a few forest fruits to reach 1 Kg.


700 gr Blackberries – or 1 Kg of blackberries and nothing else

100 gr of Blueberries

100 gr of Strawberries

100 gr of Raspberries

500 gr of Sugar

1 Lemon

1 sachet of Gelling agent for jam – pectin

A pinch of Lavender dried flowers

During my gardening weekend I also picked a lot of lavender to make little perfumed bags to put in the wardrobe so I thought to use a pinch of it inside my jam to add a nice smell and, hopefully, taste!

First of all wash your blackberries, and the other berries, under cold water. After I suggest using a vegetable mill (I truly have no idea if this is the correct translation but you can see in my photo what I used!)

I got my “vegetable mill” as a present from my grandma a long time ago and I always thought a modern mixer would have done the job in half of the time but for this task – removing all the blackberries’ seeds – I couldn’t find a better kitchen tool! Thank you grandma!!!

I added the sugar, the gelling agent and the juice of one lemon (the more lemon juice you add, the more firm your jam will become); I then put everything in a thick pot and let it boil for 3-5 mins before pouring the very hot – and sticky – jam inside a few jars.

Quick note: I used the gelling agent because it reduces the cooking time drastically! If you want to make your jam the “old style way” be ready to watch it cooking for 1 hour and a half at least…

At this point I sprinkled a few lavender flowers inside each jar before closing it and turning it upside down.

It is very important to turn the jars upside down immediately after filling them with the hot jam as, in this way, your jam will last longer – it will be vacuum packed! To make sure that your jam is actually vacuum packed, when you turn them, check carefully that the caps are sunken towards the inside of the jar.

I haven’t tried my jam yet as I decided to let it rest for at least a week but I tried it warm – licking the spoon before cleaning it – and it was really good! Usually with jam the taste improves with time so I’m absolutely confident that I will make delicious pancakes and blackberry tarts soon!


One comment

  1. Almeta

    You are a domestic goddess! 😉 I on the other hand haven’t cooked or baked in ages, I’m waiting for you to come back so I can try all your delicious recipes (hint hint : maybe you’ll cook it for us) ;))

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