Crispy Porcini Mushrooms

I promise, it’s the last fried mushroom recipe…for now!

I have to confess that I’m a little bit behind with my posts so this is something I cooked in the mountains after a very rich mushroom hunt!

The principle is always the same: mushrooms, eggs, milk, breadcrumbs and a pot full of very hot oil.

You need to clean your mushrooms carefully and slice them, always vertically, from the mushroom cap to the bottom of its stalk. Cut your slices 4-5 mm thick and dip them, firstly into the beaten eggs with a bit of milk, and then after, bread them gently.

Put a pot with a few inches of peanut oil on the cooker and when it’s hot – you can drop a little piece of bread to check if it’s hot enough – drop in your mushrooms and let them fry and get crispy.

You can check my Fried Parasol Mushrooms recipe for more details as the principle and the steps are the same.


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