Furschermuehle – Seis am Schlern – BZ – Italy

This place, with the unpronounceable name, is a mill, a real working water mill! Inside the mill there is a very cosy restaurant where the tables are all placed at different levels to respect and maintain the original architecture.

The mill is currently active and faces a little lake – more a pond than a lake – that is full of trout that are cooked in the restaurant.

The mill is managed by a very friendly couple. Actually he is friendly and talks a lot; she is the chef so you will not see her much but you will be very happy to eat what she prepares!

The food is the typical food from the area with a few additional dishes, depending on the day.

I ordered a very nice Gulash with Canederli that was tender, juicy and a great choice!

My friends ordered a few different things including the local, half-moon shaped, Schlutzkrapfen ravioli with spinach or pumpkin. You can see in the photo that the colour is different!

One of the plates that you can only find here is the “Piatto del padrone” , the owner’s plate, that includes mini pork fillet and roasted potatoes.

For the dessert we all agreed and ordered warm raspberries with ice cream so I have only one dessert photo to share!

The place is a beauty! When you eat inside the mill the atmosphere is incredible and the food is genuinely good but, be aware, the menu is not very long as the place is small and they cook everything just when you order it.

They have a website, which I tried and is not working, but I have their business card so I wrote down their details.

Book your table in advance, it’s quite a busy place and, as it’s tiny, you might struggle to find a spot.

Hildegard & Toni Schgaguler
Felderrerweg 8 – 39040 Seis am Schlern
+39 335 67 61 255 – furschernuehle@dnet.it


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