Hazelnut Ice Cream

I am a big ice cream fan, I like the one with bits inside, like cookies, chocolate chips and so on, but I never made it at home because I don’t have an ice cream maker. Last weekend I was at my parents’ house and they do have one!!! So I tried, and twisted, a hazelnut ice cream recipe. It was absolutely incredible, nothing compared to the one you buy – you could taste the milk, the hazelnuts, everything!!!


2,5 dl Milk – full fat, please!

2,5 dl Double Cream

100 gr Hazelnuts

2 spoons of Honey

80 gr Brown Sugar

1 Vanilla bean

Hazelnut chocolate

Cook, without boiling, the milk, double cream, sugar and the vanilla bean, cut in half on the long side.

With a mixer, mash the hazelnuts in big and small pieces and put them inside a small pot with 2 spoons of honey and a half glass of water; let the honey melt and then stir it to obtain a sticky mix.

At this point remove the milk from the heat and add the sticky nuts to it. Cook everything again for a few more minutes. Afterwards let it cool down and put it in the fridge for a few hours (unless you have a very powerful ice cream maker – I didn’t!).

I like to find chocolate bits inside my ice cream so I took some hazelnut chocolate that I had at home and I cut it in pieces and added it to the ice cream mix.

When the ice cream was cold enough I switched on the ice cream maker and poured the liquid inside…and waited patiently.

The ice cream was incredibly good; unfortunately it’s all already gone!


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