Zucchini Flowers in Batter Crust

The end of Summer is the time for Zucchini – or courgette – flowers! As I am in a ‘cooking with flowers‘ mood I bought some of these big zucchini flowers, and some I cut from the top of a few zucchini I had in the fridge!

I looked for recipes and in the end I decided to use my family recipe that involves dipping the flowers in a batter and frying them. But I also decided to eat a bit more “light”, to recover from all the summer restaurants, and I’ve promised myself than after this recipe I will cook only veggy soups for a bit…maybe…


Zucchini Flowers – I had around 20

4-5 spoons of Flour

100 ml Water

A pinch of Salt

The white of 1 Egg

A pinch of Yeast

Olive Oil

Peanut Oil

The first thing I did was prepare the batter by stiring the flour with the cold water. When my batter was like a liquid cream I added a pinch of salt and a spoon of olive oil and I put it aside.

While the batter was resting inside the fridge,  I washed and prepared my zucchini flowers, removing the pistil from the inside of each flower.

I beat the white of the egg until it was stiff, added a with a pinch of salt and added it to the flour and water mix. At this point, apparently, there are 2 schools of thought: one adds a pinch of yeast, the other one doesn’t. I decided to try to add it and it worked very well but I’m not 100% sure it made an incredible difference as my batter was already quite soft.

Dip the flowers inside the batter and if you don’t like to have a big batter crust try to remove some of it from the flower before cooking it – in this way you will taste the flower and not just the batter!

When your peanut oil is well heated and hot in a frying pan, drop the flowers and cook them until they are crispy and gold. Add salt and eat them alone or as a side dish!


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