La Puerta Del Sol – Evian – France

A pouring rain evening and no idea where to go and have dinner, or, to be more precise, too many ideas and not been able to take a decision quickly under the rain!

In the end I couldn’t resist! I chose the place that from the outside looked more tacky – La Puerta del Sol!

I really like Mexican food and this “Latino” restaurant was whispering to me words like “guacamole and tacos” so we decided to try it, abandoning the idea of having a very French dinner – that could either have been delicious or got on my nerves! Mexican food would have put me in a great mood for sure!

As we were absolutely greedy for guacamole we ordered it as starter and it was good, served with some spicy chopped tomatoes and tortilla bread.

The restaurant has dishes from all around South America, not just Mexican food, so we tried another starter – ceviche – that was a kind of “cake” with potatoes, avocado and shrimps but I can’t remember the exact country, it could be Peru. Anyway it was really good even if a bit too cold.

I ordered a chicken tortilla that was served with guacamole – hurray!!! – tomatoes, peppers, onion, cheese and fresh cream. It was good because the chicken was cooked with some spices, though I missed having beans or re-fried beans for sure!

The last dish was a cheese big corn cracker that, again, I can’t remember where it was from, but it was incredibly cheesy, too cheesy, and worst of all had no guacamole on the side but a small mixed salad instead – disappointing!

The owner was nice and indeed South American, the food was good for the price – definitely affordable – and the restaurant, in the end, wasn’t as tacky inside as it was from the outside, it was actually very tidy even if the interior was a bit of a weird mix of wood everywhere and modern tables.

I am sure there are plenty of amazing restaurants in Evian but if you feel like having a nice relaxed evening why not try this place?!



  1. I’ve been to Evian a couple times and will definitely try this restaurant next time. Maybe they have something from Brazil?

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