Last night I baked a big pizza and, as I had no bread for my greedy weekend breakfast, I decided to split the dough in two and make a focaccia for this morning!

The idea was a bit of a last-minute one so I didn’t take many photos but the result was definitely great – the best homemade focaccia I’ve ever made!


250 gr Flour

20 gr Olive oil

10 gr Sugar

10 gr Salt

1 sachet of dry Yeast for bread and pizza

50 gr Milk

100 gr Water

Mix the yeast, sugar, olive oil, milk and water in a mixer, or with a spoon, until your yeast is dissolved.

Tip – if your milk is cold just coming out of the fridge, then use slightly warm water as it will help the yeast to work better and your dough will raise easily!

Add flour and salt, mix again, knead and prepare a big dough ball and let it rest in a bowl covered with a tea towel for at least 1 hour.

Oil a baking tray and spread your dough on top of it, creating holes with your fingers all over the dough.

Prepare a glazing mix of 1/2 glass of water, 2-3 tbsp of olive oil and a tbsp of salt in a small bowl. Mix these ingredients together using a rubber silicone brush – the oil will mix with the water just for a short time creating a strange oily thick foam – glaze your focaccia with the mix and stick it in the oven.

At an oven temperature of 200° C cook the focaccia until it has a gold colour mixed with a white colour inside the holes.

Let the focaccia cook for a bit and when you will see that the liquid on top has been absorbed and the dough gets dry – take it out and glaze it again…and again!

I glazed mine 3 times, making sure it is well moistened!

Best Saturday breakfast: warm focaccia dipped into milk or coffee! Such a nice way to start your weekend!


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