My ‘Italian/Irish’ Vegeterian Curry

In the house this month I have two food magazines showing curry recipes and, after a few days looking at them, I gave up and we decided to have a “curry” dinner!

Which recipe to use? Meat? Fish? No vegetarian recipes?!!! So we decided we were going to make our own one: Tofu and Vegetable curry!

Of course, at the supermarket, we didn’t have the shopping list with us – that is, for some strange reason, something you write down and always leave at home!
We ended up buying a lot of random things that probably shouldn’t be in any curry recipe if you are a curry “purist”, but never mind, we liked it and we made an incredible vegetarian curry!


125 ml Coconut Milk

125 ml Water

1 Onion

1 Potato

1 Sweet Potato

A fist of Peas

1 Spring Onion

1 or 1/2 Red Pepper

A fist of Green Beans

A few Mushrooms

A small piece of Pumpkin

1 tbsp Mustard seeds

1 tbsp Fenugeek

2 tbsp Curry Powder

A thumb-size piece of Ginger

A few Curry Leaves

250 gr Tofu

Basmati Rice to accompany

Warm some olive oil in a deep frying pan or in a pot and add the mustard seeds – they will start to pop all around your kitchen quite soon so be ready, and add the fenugeek, the curry leaves, the chopped onion and ginger very quickly.

As you stir fry for a few minutes, the oil will take on a gold colour and it will smell fantastic! Add all the vegetables (except the spring onion) cut in small to medium squares – cut the vegetables that take longer to cook in smaller pieces.

I used frozen peas and frozen green beans. I didn’t add carrots and broccoli but you can add them too!

I let the vegetable cook, stirring constantly and I cut the tofu in big squares that I added to the veggies.

Cook the vegetables for a few minutes, turning them constantly, and before they start to stick to the bottom of the pot, add the coconut milk and the same quantity of water – you can use the coconut container to measure your water quantity!

Add two big spoons of curry powder, a sprinkle of salt and let everything cook until the vegetables are soft.

Cut the spring onion – including the green part – in small rounded pieces and add them to the curry mix, cook for a few more minutes and enjoy your curry!!!

In a different pot I boiled some basmati rice to eat together with my – not really Indian, not really Thai – curry!

My curry was incredibly good, probably not the most traditional recipe, but I thought curry was difficult and in this way it’s easy and doesn’t take ages to be prepared.

If you have a good, easy recipe you can share it with me, I will be more than happy to try it out!!!


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