Association Erythreenne – Geneva – Switzerland

I strongly believe that the best place to eat is the house of someone who is passionate about food and cooks with love, so when I discovered this place I got very excited about it and I absolutely wanted to try it.

If you don’t know where it is, it could be tricky to find, so I’m giving you the best explanation I can, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

“L’Association Erythreenne” is not a classic restaurant but it is definitely the best place where to eat Eritrean food in Geneva!

Located on the first floor of a building that has a hidden entrance, this place looks like someone’s flat and what they cook really tastes like great home-made food!

The address is Rue Durfour 7, in Jonction area and it’s open every day – except Sunday – from 7 pm until 11 pm.

The building entrance is inside a little tunnel; walk into the building, take a few steps and you will be in front of a red door – you have arrived!

Forget anything fancy but get ready for a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

The menu has two dishes: meat and vegetarian and you can share a big plate. You can ask for separate plates but this is really not the idea of the place so if you go, get your big plate and get your hands dirty!

The food comes in a big rounded tray, covered by Injera – a spongy bread – that you will use to eat the meat, the lentils (daal), the spinach, salad and firm yogurt or fresh cream cheese.

Everything is really tasty and enjoyably spicy.

The price is very good for Geneva and you should try it at least one because it’s definitely worth a visit!

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