Midnight Bread

I don’t really eat breakfast during the week; I grab a few cookies, I crunch them while I’m getting ready and I swallow them quickly and greedily – drinking a glass of orange juice, having one foot already out of the front door.

The weekend is different! The weekend’s breakfast is a ritual, it’s a moment to share with the people you love or to keep entirely for you reading the news, checking emails and planning the day.

On a Friday evening I realised I had nothing, absolutely nothing, for my “holy” Saturday breakfast.

I was already in bed but I slipped out and prepared a dough, which I left to rise during the night, and went straight back to bed!


250 gr White Flour

A glass of Raisins

1 sachet of dry Yeast

10 gr Sugar

10 gr Salt

100 gr Milk

50 gr Water

1/2 glass of sliced Almonds

10-20 gr Olive oil

Sunflower seeds

I put everything inside a mixer, prepared the dough, covered it (went to bed at midnight) and woke up in the morning ready to bake my breakfast.

I decided to make small rounded bread rolls and I put a few sunflower seeds inside each of them.

Using my hands, I gave the bread a rounded shape and I notched the top of each little bread roll with a knife, creating a cross (not too deep).

I sprinkled some flour on top and baked the bread in a very hot oven until it looked ready – brown outside and very white inside.

Breakfast was delicious! I really enjoyed my – breakfast – bread with jam and Nutella…


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