Turnip Tops Risotto

For some unknown reason, quite often I can find  turnip tops at the local supermarket. I’m not sure you can find them everywhere but if you can, they are definitely interesting because their flavour is completely different from spinach or chard.

In the south of Italy, this vegetable is widely used for a lot of dishes, most famous of all the one from Puglia: “orecchiette alle cime di rapa“.

I had no orecchiette (pasta) at home and it was definitely too late to go and try to find some, so I decided to try a risotto, a very easy ones and see what could come out.


Serves 2

400-500 gr Turnip Tops

Rice for 2 people – 2 fists of rice each, more or less, plus an additional one

1 Garlic clove

1/2 glass of white Wine

1 Vegetable stock cube

Olive oil

Grated Parmesan cheese

Chop a garlic clove and let it cook in hot olive oil, add the wine leave it to evaporate a bit and add the turnip tops, washed and cut in pieces. Stir and cover it. Keep an eye on it until the leaves have changed colour from bright green to dark green.

Drop the rice inside the pot and stir it without adding any water for the moment. Add some hot water and the stock cube and  then cook, adding water if you see that there is not much left, until the rice is ready.

Risotto cannot have a precise quantity of water – I usually smile when I read recipes telling you to add 1 litre or 5 glasses or something, because the type of rice, the heat and other factors can influence the water quantity, so you need to check and “baby-sit” your rice while it’s cooking.

I added some parmesan cheese before serving and some more to decorate the plates – I like my rice creamy!

Orecchiette or risotto? For me definitely orecchiette even if I had a second portion of rice as it was a very good one!


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