Stuffed Cabbage (An Ancient Flavour)

I saw this recipe in one of my recipe books and I wanted to try it for a very long time but I never had enough time until yesterday! I read the recipe and guess what I did?! I changed it, adding and removing ingredients!

It is nice, an old recipe, a dish that you don’t get the chance to eat very often lately – probably because it takes ages to prepare and people are always rushing somewhere! The modern world is stealing our time!


2 small-medium Cabbages

1 small blond Onion

1 Garlic clove

2 Eggs

A fist of dry Porcini mushrooms

5-10  fresh Champignons mushrooms

1 Carrot

A piece of Pumpkin

1 big spoon of fresh Ricotta cheese

1 fist of grated Parmesan cheese

200 gr mince Meat

1 small Sausage or a Piece of prosciutto crudo

Salt and Pepper

A big pinch of Parsley

First, you need to cook the two cabbages in hot water for 5 minutes, then you take them out and open them, as it they were flowers, and remove the central part, being careful and leaving a group of leaves attached to the cabbage bottom.

I took the heart of one of the two and cut it in small pieces before addeding it to all the other ingredients.

You can either chop all the ingredients by hands or put them inside a mixer making sure you keep the pieces big enough.

I put the dry mushrooms inside water, rinsed them and chopped them in small pieces together with the garlic and onion.

I added the carrots, fresh mushrooms, cabbage and pumpkin cut in slightly bigger pieces.

I mixed everything with the two eggs, the mince meat, the ricotta cheese, the Parmesan and added salt and pepper.

I then sprinkled it with parsley and mixed everything together.

It is easy, it just takes time!

I made two balls and placed them in the middle of the two cabbage-flowers and then I closed the cabbage leaves around the filling balls.

Now, if you are a professional chef, or just a bit more organised than me, you probably have silicon strings or cooking strings to hold roasts for example; of course I didn’t, so I used a cotton thread and my cabbage looked very funny but it worked well enough.

My cabbages were all wrapped like odd recycled Christmas presents!

I carefully put them back in the pot – I kept the water from before – and let them cook for 1 hour!

When the cabbages were cooked – I had no way to check, I just trusted the original recipe – I removed the nice wrapping system and served it  both with strong mustard and honey and sweet mustard.

I really enjoyed it, probably because I put in a lot of effort – and time! – to make it and also because it is really something that, in a certain way, has an ancient flavour.

Surprisingly enough my small flat didn’t smell too much like cabbage – I kept the windows open all the time! – and the actual dish didn’t taste too much like cabbage either, which was one of my biggest concerns because I was worried that I was just making just two big complicated cabbage balls.

It was a mix of sweet – pumpkin – and salty tastes wrapped nicely inside cabbage leaves.


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