200 Super Soups

Title: 200 Super Soups

Language: English

Publisher: Hamlyn – all colour cookbook

Why I like it:

Autumn and Winter are soup seasons and this is one of the great things about facing a cold period.

This book is full of good recipes – 200! – and it was incredibly cheap. If I remember correctly I bought it at the airport while I was trying to kill time.
Silly shopping at the Airport can sometimes be very enjoyable!

Not all the ingredients are easy to find but you can get ideas and change things a bit.

I really like this ‘all colour cookbook‘ series: they make mini books for ‘200’ of different things. All the books are nicely designed – each page has a recipe and its own photo – and they can be great presents as Christmas is approaching fast!

Speaking of soups, I have decided that I will check inside my fridge and use what I have to make one now as it’s lunch time and I’m kind of starving and looking at the pages of this lovely small book doesn’t help at all!

£ 4.99 really well spent!!!

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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