Fig and Goat Cheese Canapé

This little canapé is absolutely incredible! The main reasonfor this is that I really don’t like figs but I immediately loved this match when I tried it!

One of my food rules is that you have to try everything first and only after can you say “I don’t like it” but never the other way around!

The recipe is very easy as the only thing you really have to do is slice the ingredients and put them together. Sometimes the best things come out from the most simple ones.


1 Baguette

5 – 6 Figs

A piece of Goat’s cheese

Salt and Pepper

Don’t slice your bread too thick – 1 inch should do it – and also slice the goat’s cheese – this time definitely thinner.

Wash the figs, slice them with their skin on and put a first layer of goat cheese and a second layer of fig on top of the bread.

When you are done with your little composition sprinkle some salt and pepper on top and surprise your guests!

Very good: believe me and try it out!


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