Salon International Des Chocolatiers et Du Chocolat – Geneva – Switzerland

Geneva on the freezing weekend of the 27/28 of October welcomed the ‘Salon International des Chocolatiers et du chocolat‘ and, of course, I couldn’t miss it!

I had so much chocolate that I came out of the Salon completely sick of it but it was worth it!

Switzerland is well-known for two things – food-wise – and one of them the Swiss really know how to do well because the quality of chocolate at this event was incredible!!! Just incredible!

I took a lot of photos and in the end I decided to select two ‘Maitre chocolatier’ and write about them and about the little chocolate path you could take inside the Salon to recognise the different chocolate flavours.

In the middle of the Salon you could have walked through a very interesting experience to try to identify if your chocolate was “fleuri, fruitè, grillè, aux noix, epicè ou avec aromes vegetal”!

The organisers had prepared 3 jars smelling of coffee, flowers and fruits and everyone could try to guess which one was which.

In another game the same 3 smells were in a liquid form in a very tiny glass of milk and chocolate and at the end of the discovering path the flavours were held inside pieces of chocolate.

I tried a raw chocolate bean directly from the chocolate pod and it was absolutely disgusting – so bitter!!!!

Choosing two – only two – chocolate stands to describe a bit more in detail has been very difficult because honestly, all of them were incredible.

One was like a jeweller selling real chocolate pearls and emeralds – the cost was pretty much the same too!!!

As we’re talking about pearls and emeralds I should also say that gold was used a lot here and there!

(And unfortunately I also saw a few very tacky chocolates shaped as iPhones!!! So we went from one extreme to the other!!!)

There were forms of what I would call “chocolate art” because it looked like abstract and modern edible art!

Also I can’t remember what is inside this chocolate (in the picture) but it was a mix of very thin layers of crunchy nuts. I was so proud of my photo that I decided to publish it so you can also have an idea of the chocolate prices. (Gold bits here and there see!!!!)

I would like to mention something else before going into the details of the two ‘Maitre chocolatiers‘ I chose: macaroons!!!

The Swiss, like the French, are crazy for macaroons! I don’t understand why because for me they aren’t worth as much as they cost but I have to admit that are incredibly nice to look at so I took two colourful pictures for the macaroon lovers!

I chose one of the 2 Chocolatiers for his incredible elegant and delicate chocolate and the other one for his very nice packaging and colours (of course the chocolate was nice too!!!)

The chocolatier Poyet from Vevey conquered me with his green tea chocolate!

I’m a green tea lover and a chocolate lover so it was an easy one!

The green tea actually came from Thai Nguien in the north of VietNam and it was mixed with a 100% dark Bolivian chocolate with no additional sugar.

I cannot describe in words how good it was but I can confess that I bought a tiny precious box to take home.

They had 3 other kinds of tea chocolates, which were very good, but not as good as the green tea one even if the black tea one was definitely superb.

They also had a spicy chocolate that had all the flavours of a Thai soup with chili, coconut milk and citronelle…you really have to try this one because even if I would love to describe it to you I would not do it justice.

The good news is that you can apparently order your chocolate online and get it delivered anywhere!

The other chocolatier I want to talk about is Christophe Berger  who not only had a very nice chocolate but also very cute packaging – you can get an idea of the style from his website even if you can’t see any chocolate there.

As it’s based in Geneva, I definitely think some of my Christmas presents will be picked up there!

I could talk about chocolate forever but this post is getting very long and if I don’t stop myself I will never publish it!

So I better finish my tea, enjoy one of the last Poyet chocolates and go to bed!



  1. jeannette

    fantastic thankyou ! lovely words and visuals….I did not make it this time but hopefully next year !
    love your blog. jeannette

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