Caramelised Nuts Mini Dessert

I saw this recipe in a magazine and I desperately wanted to try it for quite a long time and finally I managed!

This time I didn’t twist the recipe too much – as I usually do – and it was a big mistake because I followed it step by step and something went wrong – of course!

I will publish the photos and the original steps but I will also tell you how you should probably correct the mistakes I made!

That doesn’t mean that by following the original recipe the dessert is bad – it is very, very tasty but also very, very heavy!!!

So: either you make tiny, tiny portions by following the original recipe or you go for the corrected – and easier – version and eating a decent enjoyable portion! It’s totally up to you as I think it will taste good either way!

This time I’m not going to quote the magazine where I took the inspiration from as I don’t think it’s nice to point out that, for me, their recipe doesn’t really work…


Serves 5 – 6

200 gr Dark Chocolate

150 ml Double Cream

1 Vanilla pod (not mandatory)

40 gr Butter

2 Egg yolks

80 gr Toasted Hazelnuts

60 – 70 gr Sugar

My first problem arose when I realised that I bought normal hazelnuts instead of toasted one – ‘great’!

So I put them inside a hot pan and I turned them for a bit (I can’t say for how long but not too long), and after I put my hazelnuts in between two newspaper sheets.

I let them cool down and then I pressed and rolled them to make them lose their skin.

Ta da da dan!!! Perfectly toasted hazelnuts…more or less!!!

While you take care of the hazelnuts, you can caramelise your sugar. Put the sugar into a pot with 2 – 3 spoons of water and let it cook until it starts to liquify and turn a bit brown.

Add the nuts to the sugar and stir them together for an additional minute.

Pour the caramelised hazelnuts on top of a sheet of baking paper and leave them to cool down.

At this point the original recipe was telling me to open my vanilla pod in half, extract the tiny black bits from the inside using a knife, put them into the double cream and cook it until it boils. And I did so.

What was making me suspicious is the fact that the original recipe was telling you to whip the double cream after cooking it…as far as I know for the double cream to whip perfectly it needs to be very cold and sometimes it helps if you use a cold bowl, so there was already something strange.

I thought I was wrong, I let the cream cool down and I tried to whip it – no chance, a few bubbles and nothing more! I ended up using it like this but I would strongly suggest you skip the boiling double cream part and whip it from cold, with or without the vanilla bits.

Otherwise your dessert will be incredibly heavy and you will have to consider serving mini portionsdelicious mini portions that will taste like a ‘Gianduiotto chocolate.

Work your butter and yolks together in a bowl until you have a uniform cream.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave – or bain-marie – and add it to the eggs mix, incorporate the whipped cream at the end.

There is one more thing you need to do before assembling your desserts and that is to crumble the caramelised hazelnuts!

I used a pestle and mortar (and I forgot to switch on the light so this photo is super dark!!!). I left half of the nuts whole because they will look nice as decoration and because I had no idea it was so difficult to mash them!

I took some little glasses – not little enough, believe me! – and I poured a first layer of chocolate batter followed by a layer of caramelised nuts and I covered it with another layer of batter and topped with more hazelnuts!

After I covered the little glasses with a plastic foil and I put them into the freezer for a few hours.

The result was good, it really tasted like Gianduiotto but, as I mentioned already, if you go for the whipped cold cream version your dessert will be much, much lighter!

If you decide to follow the recipe I used, without the little correction, be aware that the size of the portion needs to be smaller than the one I made because it’ll be too heavy even if you’re a chocolate lover like me!


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