The Perfect Single Minestrone Bowl

Today I really felt like having a warm bowl of minestrone but the problem is always the same – if I make a nice minestrone with a lot of veggies I end up eating it for 2 days as the quantity is huge when you add a lot of different ingredients to make it tasty.

I went to the supermarket and I found my self staring at a small plastic bag full of chopped vegetables – a ready minestrone bag!

I almost put it inside my shopping basket but then I looked at the vegetables inside the bag and they looked so sad that I decided to leave it where it was.

I bought a courgette, a leek, a sweet potato, a carrot and I went home.

You can buy any kind of vegetable – most of all the ones in season, of course!!!

Here is a list of a few ones that I personally love inside a soup:

carrots, pumpkin, courgette, beans, green peas, lentils, leek, cabbage…and many more!

I decided that I was going to make my perfect minestrone and I was NOT going to eat it again – and again – tomorrow and the day after!

I chopped all the vegetables – definitely a big quantity for one or even two persons! – mixed them inside a big pot and I had my perfect minestrone!

Then, I took a few plastic bags, the ones you use to freeze things (freezer bags…), and I divided my minestrone mix into small portions.

I put one portion in a pot with some water on the cooker and the others inside my freezer.

I have to admit I felt super clever!

I hated the idea of buying that sad bag of viscid, pre-cut, vegetables!

I added a few frozen peas to my today minestrone  – another bag inside my freezer! – a few orange lentils and I let it cook with a herbs stock cube.

There is not much else to say about minestrone, you just have to let it cook and enjoy it during a cold winter evening.

But the great thing is that at least tomorrow I don’t have to eat it again as I just made a perfect quantity for my dinner. Whenever I’m in a ‘minestrone mood’ I can easily grab one of the bags from my freezer and add a few different ingredients to transform it into a different dish.


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