Prawns and Courgette Saffron Risotto

I haven’t cooked saffron risotto for a very long time but last night I decided that I really wanted a risotto and I didn’t care if making a risotto for one person is just going to a lot of trouble – I wanted my risotto for dinner!

My kitchen on a Sunday eve, in a country where the Sundays are “dead days”, was honestly pretty empty but my fridge and freezer always reserve a few ‘jollies’!


Serves 1-2 depending on the rice quantity – for more people just increase the quantities

1 big Courgette

10 Frozen Prawns

A pinch of Saffron

1 Vegetable Stock Cube


1 Shallot

Olive oil

I chopped my shallot and threw it into a pan where some hot olive oil was waiting for it!

I added a glass of white wine – you can add water instead – so the shallot would turn gold without burning.

I cut the courgette in small cubes and added it to the shallot, followed by the frozen prawns.

I switched on my kettle and put the stock cube directly into the pot while the courgette and prawns were cooking.

Then I decided it was time to add the rice – I used 2 handfuls of rice per person plus one for every two, but I have small hands! I let the rice toast a bit before pouring hot water inside the pan.

When the rice was almost cooked I added a pinch of saffron – you can use saffron powder or pistils – and I stirred my rice, adding water until it was perfectly cooked.

I decorated it with a few more saffron pistils and enjoyed my well deserved Sunday risotto!

You can add butter and Parmesan cheese if you like, however Parmesan should not really go on fish….


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