Mozzarella in Carrozza

When you imagine an Italian grandmother you probably have this idea – I’m sure! – of an old sweet lady cooking, cooking, cooking thousands of amazing dishes.

Forget it! At least it wasn’t the case with either of my grandmothers! One of them – I think – barely knew how to cook and the other one was a mess but she had a few great recipes that were making her shine in front of my little eyes as if she was a great chef.

Was she really a great chef?! The answer is hard to be found but I decided to cook one of her great recipes, the one I loved the most and the one that, when I was little, was a treat and not a given.

Thank you Grandma for this recipe and I’m sure I will make all the others sooner or later too.

The recipe itself is actually quite easy but it takes quite a while to be prepared so you should planfor this before when you start.


Bread slices – a sandwich loaf is the best choice!






Peanut Oil

Spreadable anchovies paste – I have no idea how to say this in English and I’m not even sure if it exists. But don’t worry, you can leave it out or you can use anchovies in olive oil.

The first thing is to clean a working surface as you will need space! My kitchen is tiny so don’t worry, you can do it anywhere but you just need to be a bit organised.

Cut the bread, removing the brown border – if any – and after cut it again (in half) as it’s easier to cook when it’s smaller.

Slice the mozzarella and cut every slice in half so it can fit in between two bread slices.

Put the mozzarella inside a plate or a bowl, place the bread to one side and place the other ingredients in front of you.

You will need a bowl – or a deep plate – for the milk and another one for the whisked eggs. Place the two plates in a convenient order, knowing that you will dip your bread, into the milk first and after into the eggs.

What else do you need?

A flat surface – this could be a big plate or a chopping board – where you will prepare a layer of breadcrumbs.

One last, very important thing: you will need a few toothpicks that I suggest you break in half because otherwise they will definitely be too long.

Ok – ready to start!

I took two slices of bread and dipped them carefully into the milk, placed a slice of mozzarella in between and I pressed the mini wet sandwich to ‘rinse’ it a bit and make it more compact.

After I dipped the mini sandwich into the bowl containing the eggs and I rolled it well inside it. Next I took it out and with my fingers I removed some of the excessive egg mix.

Then I placed the eggy sandwich on the ‘breadcrumbs bed‘ and I turned it until it was fully covered by breadcrumbs.

The last step is sticking two toothpicks at the extremities of the sandwich so it will not open when it cooks!

Your first mozzarella in carrozza – which means mozzarella into a carriage – is ready!

You can repeat all the steps to make a lot of mozzarella in carrozza and if you like, you can put an anchovy inside – or some anchovy spreadable paste – together with the mozzarella: I love this mix!

When all your mozzarella in carrozza are ready you can warm a frying pan full of peanut oil and start frying.

I used a small frying pan because I didn’t want to use a crazy amount of oil and in a small one, I could concentrate the oil better for cooking.

When the mozzarella in carrozza were cooked I put them into a colander to dry a bit before eating them.

Try to eat them warm as the mozzarella will be thready and incredibly delicious!

I loved this dish when I was a kid and I think I will never stop loving it!


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