Cheating Cookies

This is not really a recipe – at least not one of mine – but rather it’s an ‘authorised fraud’, a sweet cheating that makes everyone feel good or, at least, it does for me.

Why am I writing this post as I haven’t done much really?

I just bought a ready dough, as my last cookies attempt was not a great success!

So why talk about it? Because no one is perfect and sometimes there are areas in which you can cheat (and it’s ‘legal’!) because it makes you feel much better.

In Switzerland, around Christmas time, you can buy different kinds of ready cookie dough in any supermarket, and you can buy make your own cookies for Christmas. People are literally crazy for Christmas cookies here! You can buy many cookie-related things from moulds to decoration, cookies boxes to cookie dough bowls

You can make cookies – or cheat like me – but the beauty is that in the end, of course, you have to decorate them so you are still doing something: you are actually still doing the most fun part!

So, there I was, standing in front of the supermarket’s fridge trying to decide which dough I should buy, imaging myself baking delicious cookies and giving them to friends and family at Christmas.

Now, as it’s not even December yet, and as I have already eaten half of the cookies I made, I have the feeling I will have to repeat the process when we are closer to Christmas and most of all I will have to try to put the cookies in packs quickly because if not, I will eat all of them again – (Modestly, I have been called ‘cookie monster‘ in the past!)


Whatever is inside the dough you bought: I bought the vanilla half-moon type as I don’t have many cookies moulds so it was easier to just shape the cookies by hand.

Now depending on the dough you bought you can proceed in different ways!

I’m sure that, in any case, you can make half-moon shape cookies because you just have to make dough rolls with your hands, cut them in pieces and shape them.

When you have all your little half-moons, place them on a baking tray covered by baking paper.

It would be good if you do not make the same mistake I made and you leave some space between one cookie and the next as they will raise, and you will end up with a giant connected cookie instead of a lot of little ones.

I cooked mine in a ventilated oven at 160°C for 10 – 15 minutes but I’m sure your pack will give you the correct instruction for the one you bought!

While the cookies were in the oven I prepared a few little bowls containing a ingredients to decorate them.

Ingredients for decoration:

Chopped Almonds or Hazelnuts

Sliced Almonds

Melted Dark Chocolate

Hundreds and thousands – I had the chocolate onces but you can use the pretty colourful ones too

Icing Sugar

1 sachet of Vanilla sugar

First of all I mixed the vanilla sugar with some icing sugar and then put mix inside a plastic bag.

I threw a few hot cookies in the bag, closed it, and rolled them gently to cover all of them with sugar.

(I’m lying: I broke most of the first set of cookies I put inside the bag as I was not gentle enough and then after, as they were broken, I had to eat them all so be careful and very gentle!!!)

I decorated the rest of the cookies by dipping the extremities into the melted chocolate and after into one of the other bowls I prepared, so the almonds, hazelnuts or hundreds and thousands stuck to the chocolate.

The cookies looked good and tasted good (even if I take no credit for that!)

No one is perfect and sometimes we are absolutely authorised to cheat in small ways like this one if it makes us have a nice afternoon, a nice tea with cookies – a lot of cookies – and cheers us up!

P.S. I checked the dough ingredients and they were not too bad…


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