Rajpoute – Indian Restaurant – Geneva – Switzerland

This was my favourite little Indian restaurant in town…until they gave me a “limoncello” at the end of my meal… but let’s start from the beginning.

Rajpoute is a very cosy small Indian restaurant in Rue De Carouge and it used to be managed by an Indian family: a lovely and very kind lady used to help you with your order and her daughter came with the food after.


The last time that I went to the restaurant the caring lady wasn’t there and the small detail of giving you the bill inside a wooden box full of fennel seeds, to refresh your mouth and help your digestion, was exchanged by a glass of “limoncello”!!!

Thankfully my disappointment arrived only at the end and didn’t affect my meal, which was very tasty anyway.

(Said so, I love ‘limoncello‘!)

The food is not incredibly spicy and you can enjoy a good Indian meal without fearing the consequences in that you might unfortunately incur if you were not used to very spicy food.

The menu is full of incredible dishes and, as I’m not a big expert of Indian food, it was not so easy to order but you can start eating some really nice cheese and cumin crunchy ‘somethings’ that they serve to you while you get lost inside the menu.

curnchy starter

In the end we choose a starter called Mix Pakoras which translate as an ‘Assortiment de beignets’.

We expected something like little beignets but I guess the best translation would be a mix of fried vegetables because they didn’t look like beignets at all.

The starter came with three sauces – from sweet and sour to crazy spicy!  The first one was like a liquid sweet and sour jam, the second one a yogurt and mint sauce that ended up been very spicy and the third one was a mix of pickled vegetables in a VERY spicy sauce.

Mix Pakorassauces

After we concentrated on three different dishes accompanied by two different types of rice all served together with the typical Nan Sada: a plain bread made of fine wheat flour.

Nan Sada

We chose a basmati rice cooked with cuminGeera Rice – which is quite light, and another type of rice, a bit more articulate, with fried onions, lemon and Indian herbs; both very tasty! It was almost a shame to eat them as a side dish!

Cumin ricelemon rice

My menu was strangely, losing its pages all over the table so it took me ages to decide that what I wanted was a kind of lamb  curry dish or something and I ended up ordering a Lamb Dahi Lamb curry with yogurt, spices and tomato sauce. I hoped it was going to come with a good sauce and in the end I was lucky!

We also ordered a more traditional Chicken Tandoori – which had a bright orange/red colour! – and another kind of chicken curry served with green peas!

chicken curryChicken Tandoori

So far, so good… as I mentioned, everything was good!

Unfortunately we have now reached the point when a very sweet waiter asked us if we wanted a “limoncello”!

Why? Just please tell me why you should serve a limoncello in an Indian restaurant?!!! Where is the nice fennel box gone?!

Ok, if you can cope with the “Limoncello” – and I’m sure you can! – it’s a very good restaurant to try out!

Good food and a cosy atmosphere!

Quick tip: I have no idea what language the waiters speak but I can assure you it’s not French so I would strongly suggest you order in English or if you master any of the Indian languages give it a go, you might be lucky!

We realised it too late and every time we ordered something ‘the little show’ was hilarious…


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