Cucina Moderna – Dicembre 2012

Title: Cucina moderna

Intro: Dicembre 2012

Language: Italian

Cucina moderna

Why I like it:

Honestly I’m not sure I like it so much!

The best thing about this issue is the price: 1.60 €

I wanted to check out a few Christmas recipes – even thought I know that every Christmas we have the same menu that we cook just for Christmas!

The point with Christmas menus is that if you try to change it there will always be someone asking for what you just took off and changed with a new great dish that will never be able to replace the one you decided not to cook.

So even if I wasn’t really expecting to find any incredible recipe that would have convinced me to change my family menu I’m disappointed because I found no recipes at all that tempted me in this issue.

Ok I might criticise a bit too much tonight but can you explain to me why it is that when a famous chef runs out of ideas whatever he/she suggests is published? An example? Pasta boiled in saffron water with salami slices cut in long pieces and cherry tomatoes…Why?!!!

Inside 1inside 2

*I am quoting various recipes in the blog.


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