Christmas Reading

This month is about reading rather than cooking for me.

Xmas Reading

I understand it sounds quite crazy but it is the case! Outside is cold, I’m lazy, very lazy and I would honestly eat just soup, pizza – I would ALWAYS eat pizza, so I guess it doesn’t count! – and chocolate cookies!

So December is becoming more like a month of cooking magazine reviews, even if I will try to cook something that is mentioned in them at some point because when I fry an egg….I decided the recipe is a bit predictable!

Also at this time of the year all the cooking magazines are thicker because they’re full of incredible recipes and beautiful photos and specials dedicated to culinary gifts! I love that, so you can imagine why I have a few different one to hand right now!

The Observer food monthly gave me joy with its usual beautiful photos and its British humour. I spotted a chicken and leek pie recipe that I will try out sooner or later and I promise I will share it!

The French magazines are full of foie gras recipies starting with Elle a Table and its mini book titles:”Notre recettes pour briller en cuisine”. As I don’t like foie gras, and realising that the most fashionable dish lately is a foie gras cappuccino or a foie gras creme brulèe it put me in a very difficult position with French Christmas cuisine!

The Italian magazines can awful as if they try to be ‘alternative’ I personally find them very bad: Christmas is a classic, don’t mess with it please!

My favourite Swiss food magazine gives me no joy this month, as its Christmas issue is boringly average instead of being spectacular.

In the end maybe I should cook more and read less but I’m sure all this reading will come back spontaneously in the future and give me ideas when I will be in my tiny kitchen thinking what to cook for dinner!


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