La Cucina Italiana – Dicembre 2012

Title: La Cucina Italiana

Intro: Dicembre 2012

Language: Italian

La Cucina Italiana

Why I like it:

This is THE Italian Cooking Magazine!

Why? Because this is the oldest – founded in 1929 – and well-known. It is the symbol of elegant Italian cooking.

Everything inside this magazine – written or in a picture – is classy, I have to say it!

You should buy an issue if you can find it, just to have a look at it because it’s quite high level.

Quite high level are also the cooking skills you need to have to be able to cook most of the recipes suggested in the magazine.

Each recipe is really well presented but if you barely know how to fry an egg…then you should start with a different magazine because these pages will raise your frustration quite quickly, or at least as soon as you try to cook, for example, your Christmas Panettone!

I’m not even sure if I would be able to cook most of the recipes in this issue! (The truth is: NO!)

You need to be a bit – a big bit – of a chef to make the most of La Cucina Italiana!

I like this magazine but I have to confess that I always had the feeling it was a bit ‘snobby‘!

Anyway I couldn’t miss the Christmas issue with all the decorated tables that make me want to set up mine in the same way, starting tonight!

La Cucina Italiana inside 1La Cucina Italiana inside 2

*I am quoting La Cucina Italiana for various recipes in the blog.


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