The Xmas Tables – Little Competition!

You should all have a piece of delicious Swiss chocolate, at least at Xmas! That is what I was thinking while I was trying a new one I’ve discovered lately at a Chocolatier in Geneva!

So I’ve decided to introduce a little competition called “The Xmas Tables“!

I realised that people quite often ask you what are you eating at Xmas? What are your typical dishes? Even if they are not particularly interested in food or cooking. I tend to think that the Xmas meal is almost more like a cultural thing rather than a food thing and people love to talk about their family traditions and are unexpectedly curious about other people’s one!

So the idea is to publish your photos of your Xmas table! You can send one photo showing your Xmas meal and if you like you can add two lines of description – preferably in English but Italian and French will do too!

I will add all of them on this post and choose a winner! The lucky winner will receive – I promise! – some Swiss chocolate! I will ship it by post anywhere, hoping that it will arrive safe! (If you are based far away from me, it might take a bit time but hopefully it will arrive…sooner or later!)

The rules are easy:

1) Take a picture of your Xmas table! You can use your phone – don’t go crazy!

2) Send it to me via email at . Write ‘Xmas table’ in the email title and send it before the 7th of January. 2013

3) Write down two lines of description and add your name and address (I will just publish your name and where you are from!).

4) When I will be back home in the new year I will sort out all the photos, pick a winner and ship the chocolate!

How does it sound?!

I cannot have all of you trying some Swiss chocolate but I can send a little ‘new year’ chocolate present to the winner!

Let’s see if it works and if you will send any photos! I hope so as I can’t wait to see your Xmas meals made with love for sure!!!

Good Luck and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a lovely Christmas time around the table with all the people you love, eating those typical things you will show us in your nice photos!

The Competition is on!

Christmas thoughts

Photo from the Observer food monthly – Xmas issue!

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  1. There was a spelling mistake on the email address! Sorry!!!
    I corrected it:

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