Good Luck Lentils

On New Year’s Eve you must eat lentils!!! It is probably just a silly Italian tradition but far from me to disappoint my luck for 2013!

So on New Year’s Eve, following the tradition, I cooked lentils for a bunch of friends that will hopefully be very lucky this year!



Lentils – any kind of lentils except the orange one


Dry porcini mushrooms



Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Stock cube

I bought two different kind of lentilsred and mignon (which means dark green and light green looking lentils) and I truly have no idea how many kinds of lentils you can find but I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some!

I prepared a nice soffritto chopping carrots and onions with a mixer and throwing them into a tall pan where some olive oil was already heating.

I let the mushrooms get soft in a bowl of warm water and then I chopped them. I then added the mushrooms and their water to the rest of the ingredients.

funghi secchi

Next I sprinkled in a lot of rosemary, salt, pepper and a stock cube.

I put all the lentils into the pan, covered them with water and let them cook…forever!

getting ready

The volume of lentils almost doubles while they cook so be careful and pick a good, tall pot or you will ended up dividing the lentils into two pots after a bit – I confess I had to do it!

Stir and cook, cook and stir until your lentils are nicely soft and tasty! You might have to add more water during the cooking, stirring, cooking…

cooking your luck

I know it’s late to eat lentils now and to get some luck as I’m madly behind with all my posts, but you never know – in the end it’s only the middle of January and you still have the whole year in front of you!


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