Quaresimali – A Little Almond Bite of Joy

Quaresimali are special sweets usually prepared for the Christian time of Quaresima. In my hometown they have a typical version made with almonds and my Mum has a great, very easy recipe that everyone loves!

I didn’t cook this time: I just took photos while she was cooking. This is my Mum’s recipe and my mum cooking these little almond bites!

So I’m the tkt reporter this time!Oh YES!!!

If I’m quite vague when I cook, my Mum is even vaguer! Asking her a precise quantity and, most of all, getting a precise answer was a very difficult task! What I managed to understand is that the ingredients proportion is 2:1 meaning two parts of almonds and one part of sugar and after you can make as many quaresimali as you want – or need.


200 gr Almonds

100 gr Sugar

A small glass of Orange flowers water

A few drops of Almond extract

1 Egg

Sugar crystals or little sugar decorations

A pinch of Corn Flour

Put the almonds and the sugar into a mixer and make a very fine powder, then add the orange flowers water and the almond extract and mix everything until you obtain a nice almond dough.

Wrap the almond dough with some plastic wrap and let it rest inside the fridge, if you like you can even prepare it one day in advance.

Take your almond dough out of the fridge; and cut it in small pieces. Roll each piece and make small rolls – 1 cm diameter max – then cut it and shape your tiny ‘canestellini‘.


Sprinkle a baking tray, covered with baking paper, with some corn flour and put all your quaresimali on top of it.

Then ‘paint’ each quaresimale with some egg yolk and get them ready for their “oven trip”!

quaresimali ready to be cookedpainting with the egg

Now you should put the quaresimali in the oven but be careful because they do not have to cook, they need to get a nice gold colour on the top so you should use the oven grill and keep an eye on them as I can’t tell you for how long they should grill exactly.


When you are happy with the colour of your quaresimali, take them out of the oven and let them cool down.

Prepare a little bowl full of sugar crystals or sugar decorating balls.

Then beat the white of the egg that you have left aside and again ‘paint’ the top of your quaresimali with some egg white. Quickly turn each quaresimale upside down in the little bowl containing the sugar decoration and dip it so that the sugar will stick to the quaresimali.

quaresimaleThis was one of the Christmas sweet things on my table and everyone loved it! We used to buy them but since my Mum found out how to make them everyone in the family prefers the one she makes and, as you can see, she’s not very protective of her recipes so you can enjoy them too!

Christmas sweets

Thanks Mum!

P.S. She cooks, of course, much better than me!


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