Insalata Russa – A Xmas Classic!

A month after Xmas and I haven’t yet finished posting my Xmas recipes! I could blame my Mum as this is another of her recipes – she was the chef! – and say that she hasn’t sent me the recipe, but in reality I’m the one who is absolutely behind with my posts!

So let’s try to catch up quickly as Spring will be here soon – days are getting longer already!!! – with all its new great fresh fruits and veggies and honestly, cannot look at Xmas stuff anymore!

I helped a bit during the preparation of this dish but, as my Mum is the Chef and the kitchen boss in her own kitchen, I was relagated to doing basic tasks such as skinning the prawns…marvellous!

I then decided to be the tkt reporter once more  and I ended up with my phone smelling like prawns for a few days!!!


Big Xmas quantities!

1 kg mixed frozen ready cut Vegetables (carrots, potatoes, green peas) if you have time, (we honestly didn’t at Xmas), you can use fresh Carrots, Peas and Potatoes and cut them in small cubes.

1 Jar of Pickles

Vinegar – Apple Vinegar is a good choice

2 Boiled Eggs

1 Big Jar of Mayonnaise – that we made but as mayonnaise is the most difficult thing to prepare in the messy Xmas atmosphere it was definitely not a great idea make it as it was a bit too liquidy!

For the decoration you can use prawns, pickles, Olives, Boiled Egg sliced, Orange Slices

First of all, my Mum boiled the vegetables and the eggs. She rinsed the pickles and she put them into a mixer to reduce them to very small pieces.

Boiled Veggiespinckles

Then she cut the boiled eggs in small cubes and she mixed them with the rinsed vegetables and the mixed pickles, addeding a spoon of mayonnaise and one or two spoons of vinegar.

At this point you need to choose your serving plate and start shaping your insalata russa on it, as she did carefully.

mixing everythingshaping...

When my Mum was happy with the shape given to her insalata russa, she started to cover all of it with a layer of mayonnaise – this shouldn’t be too liquidy otherwise your decoration will then tend to sink into it!

You can decorate with boiled prawns, olives, boiled eggs sliced, anchovy fillets, carrots…anything you like honestly!

Insalata Russa

My Mum placed a few orange slices to decorate the side of the plate and put the plate into the fridge until it was finally time for our Xmas dinner!

Insalata Russa on Xmas table


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  1. Violantina

    tutto ok ma temo di aver dimenticato il sale!

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