Your Xmas Photos And Cooking

As promised before Xmas I’m finally posting the photos you’ve sent me of your Xmas cooking and happy eating time!

Some photos are still missing so I might add them later on and update the post but it’s definitely time to go live with this post! A turkey photo is definitely missing but I know my friend will send it – sooner or later – as it cannot be Xmas without a turkey apparently!

The initial idea was to have some photos of everyone’s Xmas dinners but the concept got bigger, in a certain way, and I received photos of your table but also of you cooking, of your cakes or different dishes!

I asked for one photo but I received more and, as I’m not able to choose which one to post I will post all of them!

I’m not really able to decide who should receive some Swiss chocolate…I’m thinking to send it to the ones who are not based in Switzerland, as they will for sure appreciate it more than the Swiss-based ones!

Thanks to all of you that took the time to take and send the photos! Enjoy! I truly love this post!!!


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