Fennel and Orange Salad

I’m not a big fennel fan I like it only if it’s sliced very thin and – weirdhly enough – if it doesn’t taste like fennel too much!

This salad is incredibly nice – and juicy! I really like it but I never think to make it as every time I see fennel in the shop I always make a funny face and I pass by.

This time I remembered how nice fennel is when you mix it with orange and here you have this very quick recipe to try. Tell me what you think about it!


Fennel – as many as you want!

Orange – I used one orange for one big fennel but it’s entirely up to you; maybe one orange for every two fennels could work fine

Cumin seeds

Olive oil


Wash and slice your fennel very thin – if you have one of those tools with a big blade that slices vegetables use it, as ‘the thinner the better’.

thin fennelSlice an orange to decorate and cut the pulp in small pieces, which you will add to the sliced fennel too.

Sprinkle everything with salt and cumin seeds and pour in a few drops of olive oil and the juice of one orange.

fennel and orange salad



  1. We’re looking for a new salad for tonight’s dinner…this will do perfectly. Thanks!

  2. We made this last night to go along with some home made, thin crust pizza. It was fantastic! Thanks!

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