Spinach Taglierini and Tagliolini

This was my first homemade pasta SOLO!

Last time I made fresh pasta I was a child in my family countryside house, in a kitchen that is 10 times bigger than the one I have now and that is so cooking friendly that, no matter what you cook it comes out perfect…ahem, not the case here!

So this time, in my tiny kitchen, without the family guide and with the advice of a few friends on Skype – thanks La Rella! – I decided that it was time to try my new kitchen toy!

My pasta Toy

The fresh pasta recipe is apparently quite easy: 100 gr flour x 1 egg so 200 gr x 2 eggs and so on.

I don’t like if fresh pasta tastes too much like egg so I had the genius idea – not – to add spinach to my pasta dough, as I had a bag of fresh spinach in my fridge that was just perfect!

And then… my personal “pasta hell” started…


3 Eggs

500 gr Flour

200 gr boiled and rinsed Spinach

Additional flour to use during the preparation process.

As you can see my quantities do not respect the perfect 1 egg x 100 gr of flour…actually they did when I started but I didn’t consider that adding spinach was a bit like adding water and that the consistency of my dough was going to be very, very sticky…very very not good!!!

So I added flour – over and over again – until my dough became hard and dry again…honestly, it took me ages and all by hands – meaning no help from my precious mixer! – as I was really not sure anymore of the quantities!

First of all boil your spinach, then pass it under cold water and rinse it strongly!


Then put it inside a mixer and make a puree. Add the flour and the eggs and mix again until you obtain a good dough.

As you can see from my photo, my dough was too sticky at the beginning so I had to add more flour and knead again until it was dry enough to be used inside the pasta “toy”.

Love my mixer!sticky dough

At this point my kitchen was a mess, I was a mess and everything around me was covered by a thin white layer!

I took small dough pieces and I put them into the pasta machine – side one, thickness 1 – to flatten them.

Each time I folded the dough strip in two and sprinkled it with additional flour before putting it back inside the pasta machine again. I also tightened the two rolls to make the dough strip thinner and thinner evry time.

step 1..a few steps later...

When I was happy with the thickness of my dough – I got down to level 6 on my machine – I decided that it was time to start making Tagliatelle and Tagliolini!

I took all my pasta strips – you are not at the lasagna step!!! – and switched the side on the machine and I put them through the taglierini or tagliolini rolls – it took me ages so plan for it some time!

Intermediate step - lasagnataglilini

I put a lot of flour again to keep the pasta strips well separated frome each other, as I was worried that I would end up with a big ball of taglierini!

If I’m not mistaken taglerini are the thinner ones and tagliolini are the thicker ones though I confess that I could be incredibly wrong here! Maybe the thicker ones are actually Taglaitelle

In the end I made a big quantity of both so I put them in my freezer and I do believe my “pasta toy” will now stay in its pretty box for a bit!


At the end I had fun and I managed to fix my initial mistake and the result was incredibly good!

The effort probably made it taste even better!

I prepared a tagliolini plate with boar sauce – that I didn’t make!!! – I know I’m disappointing now!

If you have some time give it a go but make sure you have a spare bag of flour with you just in case, as I finished every speck of mine and I was super worried it was not enough.

 Home made taglierini


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