Yogurt Cake with ‘Crazy’ Raspberry

The initial plan was a light yogurt cake with no butter but, my insane passion for raspberries and chocolate made me modify this cake to meet my greedy needs!

And, honestly, who wants a basic, boring, plain yogurt cake?!!!

Another good point is that you don’t really need a scales for this recipe, you can easily use the yogurt jar to weigh all the other ingredients!


3 Eggs

1 Natural Yogurt

2  yogurt jars full of Flour (approx 200 gr)

1 yogurt jar almost full of Sugar (150 gr or 6 spoons)

1 yogurt jar 3/4 full of Seed Oil – I recommend Peanut Oil

1 sachet of (Yeast) cake baking powder

1 or 2 jars of yogurt full of Raspberries – I used frozen ones as it’s not raspberry season here right now

80 gr Dark Chocolate – more if needed, depending on the raspberries quantity


The cake is incredibly easy to make: first you pour the yogurt inside a bowl, so you can use the yogurt jar to measure all the other ingredients! Then you put the yolks and everything else but the egg whites, the chocolate and the raspberries into the bowl.


Mix everythingw ith an electric whisk, while in a separate bowl you beat the egg whites until stiff – if you add a pinch of salt they actually raise better. Then add them to the main batter.

In another small bowl you should melt the dark chocolate. If you know your microwave well then you can easily use it for this task; if not, be careful as the chocolate will weirdly dry and burn and if it does, you’re  better off sticking with the traditional bain mairie old fashioned way!

bowlsberries meet chocolate!

Throw your frozen berries inside the hot melted chocolate and mix them quickly with a spoon while trying to avoid “the big ball of chocolate and berries” effect! With your spoon you should try to keep each raspberry separated from the other one and, at the same time, covered with chocolate.

As the berries are frozen – at least mine were! – the chocolate will tend to solidify very quickly so you need to beat it! Be fast and good luck!

When you have all your ‘crazy’ raspberries lovingly wrapped in dark chocolate you can add them to the batter, keeping just a few of them aside to decorate the cake.

crazy raspberriesoven time!

Bake your cake for 30 mins at 180°C and bear in mind that the oil will give the dough a compact texture even when cooked.

I sprinkled my cake with icing sugar and greedily ate it hot, burning of course my tongue with one of those ‘lovely’ crazy – hot – raspberries!!! …It was – painfully – good!

yogurt and raspberries cakemy slice!


  1. This is really interesting batter. Did you need to let the yeast rise at any point or did it just go into the batter dry?

  2. I like how the measurements are made with the yogurt container… hence yogurt cake! Very clever and looks yummy. Fae.

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