Cardamom Chocolate Tart

Lately I’m stuck! When things get complicated in life the first thing I lose is my appetite and for someone who tries to keep a food blog…bah it’s not the best thing! It is a bit like if you’re a writer and you have writer’s block…I have cook’s block.

However on my fridge hangs this incredibly tempting Jamie Oliver calendar, that teases me with a new recipe every month! In 12 days it has managed to convince me I had to try this tart!

My fridge

As usual I’ve tweaked the recipe – so far only the one for February!!! – but honestly not too much this time.

I took it “down to earth” for us non – crazy – vegan people. If you want to use soya milk and vegan dark chocolate that is strictly 70% go ahead, but I couldn’t be bothered.


150 ml Double Cream

200 ml Water

250 gr Dark Chocolate – any dark chocolate will honestly work fine!

4 tbsp of Sugar

1 tbsp of Cornflour – I used the Italian Polenta because I couldn’t find Maizena…

A few Cardamom pods

1 Vanilla pod

These are all the ingredients for the tart filling! The original recipe had also all the ingredients for the tart base but I cheated – big time! – and I bought a ready roll of crust pastry! I had no time and no desire to make my own one by hand today.

And, again Jamie’s recipe had a lovely side sauce made of rhubarb that I couldn’t find anywhere here in Geneva, so I decided that I will serve mine with a juicy red orange salad.

Take your crust pastry and place it inside a big baking tray. Make holes in it using a fork and put a smaller baking tray on top of it so the border will keep the shape while you cook it – as you will have to cook it empty.

crust pastrycooking way

While your base is cooking – 180° for 15 mins (and an additional 10 mins without the second tray) –  you can prepare your chocolate filling.

I got super excited because for the first time I managed to use some cardamom pods that were brought to me a long time ago from a far, far away country! I never knew how to use them – even this time I’m not 100% sure I did the right thing! – but finally there was a recipe telling me to crush my mysterious pods and make the magic happen!

I placed the double cream, the water, the crushed cardamom pods and the sugar in a pot and I let it get warm.

I crushed the cardamom pods and I thew everything into the double cream. When I say everything, I really mean everything, included the shell. Was I right? I’m really not sure.

cardamomcrashing cardamom

I cut the vanilla pod in half, extracted the inside and added it into the pot and left it to cook on low heat.

The original recipe was suggesting to add the cornflour now and to remove the cardamom after: don’t do it!

First sieve the liquid to remove the cardamom pods and seeds and only after put the liquid back on the heat and add the cornflour. If not, you will go mad (as much as I did) trying to sieve the cornflour and the seeds with a tiny colander.


Put the pot back on the heat and when it starts boiling, switch off the heat and add the chocolate broken into small pieces and stir to melt and combine. Add a pinch of salt and pour the chocolate mix into the crusty base!

basefilling time!

Leave your tart to rest inside your fridge for a few hours and serve with something fresh like ice cream, fruit salad, orange fruits salad, strawberry (if it’s in season) or rhubarb if you can find it!

cardamom chocolate tart


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