Trattoria da Marcello – Genova – Italy

I wrote these few lines already 3 times! It should be easy and it is not because I had such a good evening that honestly the food was the last thing I was focusing on.

Put your best friends all around a table – for no particular reason! Bearing in mind that they live here and there, and that just for a few hours you are all together, not chatting on Skype, sending WhatsApp messages or bouncing back and forth with emails or anything else that technology allows you to do: who cares about what are actually eating!?

I totally got distracted! I took a few photos and after I completely forgot to carry on with my tkt reportage!

The place is a ‘classic’  – Trattoria da Marcello – if you want to eat fish in town and spend a reasonable price without going crazy. The owners are friendly and they have just renovated the restaurant that apparently will have a veranda outsidein summer. It’s even easy to park!!! Said so, you will have to trust the 4 photos I took and reserve a table to try everything else!

We decided to order fish – you can eat meat, they have a few dishes too – but fish is really what you should go for.

We shared two different types of starters including a mix of seafood; I can’t remember well but I’m sure the two dishes had different names!

The first dish included a tuna tartare, a few slices of smoked tuna, and an octopus terrine sliced very thin with potatoes. The other one was following the same style but had also some cooked warm things: a fried anchovy and a big prawn! Of course I couldn’t miss marinated anchovies – that I actually reordered twice!

fish antipasto 1fish antipasto 2

As we got here after drinking aperitivo*, we decided that another coursewas more than enough – plus dessert, don’t even joke about it!!! – and we ordered tuna tagliata with sesame seeds, tuna steak and black & white branzino ravioli with vongole! We all wanted linguine all’astice but it was too late and they didn’t have any left!

*Quick note: Italian aperitif means that you eat finger food, tapas etc while you drink…if you thought you needed an excuse to go to Italy you should definitely use this one!

Ravioli al branzinotartare di tonno

The place is noisy, the food is good, the people are nice and the prices are ok. Give it a go if you are in town and try not to fill yourself eating all the focaccia that they put on the table while you’re waiting for what you ordered. We didn’t manage to do this, of course!


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