Le Cheval Blanc – Carouge – Switzerland

Cold winter time – never ending winter this year to be honest!!! I missed my Sunday brunches a lot so friends and Idecided to pick up a place that, apparently is one of the best in town so we went to judge for ourselves!

I went with English people – who should be brunch experts! – and they were quite happy with what was served during the brunch so I guess overall we were all happy! I didn’t touch the typical things such as scrambled eggs so that is also why their opinion is very valuable!


The place is called Le Cheval Blanc and during the weekend serves brunch from 11am to 1pm and from 1pm to 3pm. You can eat as much as you want choosing from the very nice buffet for 28 CHF and you paying separately for your drinks.

The only thing you have to do is to grab a plate and help yourself with sweet or salty things!

You have a nice little range of ham, turkey and salami followed by an even better selection of cheese. We’re in Switzerland after all!


On the table there was some ricotta, some Gruyère, brie, something else that I’m not able to name and a few Quiches! Quiche lorraine and chicken quiche, which you could have with some salad, carrots, lentils and other vegetables!


At this point of the table you could find sweet things, an apple tart, chocolate cake, waffles – Oh I love waffles!!! – croissants and what in Italian is called krapfen – and probably has an Italian name in English!!!


Of course you could have bread, yogurt, jam, honey and nutella! At the end of the table there were a few different containers, which I didn’t touch, with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and beans!

I cannot eat eggs in the morning – we picked the 11am spot – and most of all I get a bit greedy in this kind of situation so I tried a bit of everything and when I got to the end of the table it really was cake time for me and the idea to start over with bacon was not appealing at all!!!

honey,jam and nutella!brunch table

The place is nice and cosy; I prefer the low tables than the designed, fancy, tall ones, just because they are more comfortable! The company was good too, which is the most important thing!

The plan now is to find more brunch places to try out…anyway the snow will melt so there will be that lovely chilly spring time that will be absolutely perfect for this plan!


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