Jamie’s Great Britain

Title: Jamie’s Great Britain

Intro: Over 130 reasons to love our food

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books

Jamie's Great BritainWhy I like it:

“…sometimes it takes years of looking at other countries to realise how wonderful your own actually is.”

The above text is part of the book‘s intro and it made me think a lot. I find it so true: sometimes you need to take distance and go through different things to realise how good what you had at home is. In this case it’s food. In other cases, it could be an infinite variety of things but what is really important is, that one day we will realise that something that was lost for time can be found again.

This book is another amazing birthday present I received! Someone – English of course! – got it for me and I have the feeling that my friend was trying to point out how poor my English cooking skills are!

Hopefully now they should improve! I will finally force myself to cook Yorkshire puds!!! I’ve wanted to try it for very long time and I always had the feeling it is one of these things that looks easy but it’s actually incredibly difficult! Time to find out indeed!

In the end it’s a Jamie Oliver book and I don’t think I have to mention how nicely designed it is, how great the photos are and all those details, and how happy I am to add it to my cooking books collection!

Yorkies attempt coming soon…

inside 1inside 2

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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