Salades – Chic, Facile, De Saison

Title: Salades – Chic – Faciles – De Saison

Intro: Plus de 200 recettes & variations

Language: French

Publisher: Marabout


Why I like it:

…Spring is coming… (I’m a geek, it’s no secret anymore!)

My friend, who is an incredibly healthy eater – despite the incredible amount of chocolate she swallows! – got me this book for my birthday, reminding me how good – apparently – my salads are!

I didn’t make many lately because it is definitely too cold to feel like eating salad but I guess it is time to restart, most of all, because this book lists 200 salads!

200 salads?!! Ok, the book is cheating!!! Why? Because there are 3 chapters that, for me, are definitely cheating: hot salads, pasta and rice salads and fruit salads! Is it not cheating?! Just because in English you call a macedoniafruit salad’, that doesn’t mean it’s a salad!

Anyway… leaving my polemic moment aside, the book seems to be very interesting as it starts with an introduction chapter on salad dressing that I found very useful and it carries on by giving you a lot – 200 to be precise! – ideas on how to mix and match vegetables and fruit, cheese and seeds

As soon as the sun comes out I’ll be starting with my salads! Thanks Anne!

salades inside 1salades inside 2

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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