Green Soup and Feta Cubes

Recently a few different friends mentioned to me how nice a basic pea soup is but for some reason I started to think that it was just too plain and that most of the recipes I’ve seen were suggesting a chilled pea soup. The weather is still quite chilly here so the idea of a cold soup was not appealing at all!

I ended up making my version of a green soup mixing peas and spinach and adding a few additional things just to make it a bit more interesting!

I don’t have a precise quantity for the ingredients used – I took what I had and mixed it – but even if you have no clue how to make a soup I’m 100% sure you can make this one!





Feta Cheese

Olive oil

A stock cube


I chopped the onion roughly and I let it turn golden by cooking it in a pan with some olive oil and the stock cube. I added a glass of water and my frozen green friends!

onioncooking up!

I cooked the soup for 20 minutes, removed it from the heat and blended it to obtain a nice thick cream.

I cut some feta cheese in very small, cute cubes, added them to the soup and sprinkled everything with Curcuma to add an exotic flavour to what is actually just a basic pea and spinach soup…don’t tell anyone!

The feta will not melt and will add a nice, salty taste to the soup, which is otherwise pretty boring!

green soup and feta cheese

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