Sun Dried Tomatoes and Ricotta Multitask Sauce

Starving, right now, I’m starving! This is what happens when you try to be cool and have a light mozzarella and tomato salad for lunch…at 3pm you want to eat a boar!

Writing this post now will definitely not help me but as I need a break I think I’ll go for it and after I can reward myself with a delicious pistachio yogurt that I can’t wait to try – I will add chocolate bits inside to improve it…so I’m motivated to write!

This sauce is incredibly easy, you need a few ingredients and you don’t even need to cook it. It was a great success so if you don’t know what to cook or how to cook this should help you out!


Sun Dried Tomatoes

Ricotta cheese

Olive Oil


Capers and olives – optional!

The only action you have to take is to put a few dried tomatoes inside a mixer, spin it and add everything else.

Dry TomatoesRicotta

I cooked some pasta and used this mix as a pasta sauce but you could use it as a dip with pinzimonio or as a canape topping, either way it is good and tasty!

Dry tomatoes and ricotta


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