My ‘Rule of 5’ Crumble

I received a lovely juicer for Xmas but…since then something is bothering me every morning when I make my super juice!

I have a lot of leftover fruits and vegetable fibres to throw away and the problem is that they taste nice!

If I make a juice mainly with vegetables sometimes I use the leftovers inside a soup but when it’s mainly fruits I had no idea what to do.

Knowing – now – how easy is to make a crumble I decided to use the mix of fruit bits leftover from this morning to try out a different crumble so I came up with my ‘Rule of 5’ crumble!

It’s easy to remember: it’s 5-something for each quantity! To be precise it’s 50 for everything except the fruit quantity but 5 definitely sounded  nicer!


500 gr Mixed Fruits – I had pineapple, apple, orange, strawberries and a sneaky carrot!

50 gr Brown Sugar to mix with fruits

50 gr Flour

50 gr Oats for muesli

50 gr Butter

50 gr Brown Sugar for the topping

As I used the leftover fruit pulp I didn’t cook it to melt the sugar, I simply mixed the two ingredients together.

leftover fruit mixCrumble base

I placed the sugar and fruit mix into a baking tray and to one side I prepared the topping.

I put all my other ‘50 gr’ ingredients into a bowl and mixed them together with my hands until the butter was creating small crumbles with the other ingredients.

making the toppingrule of 5 crumble

I topped the fruits with the crumble mix and cooked it at 180° for 30 mins or even a bit more; you will see when the crumble is ready!

I’m eating my crumble warm with ice cream and enjoying the crunchy bits created by the oats!

crunchy crumble


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