Celery Spring Salad

Spring is finally here!!! The days are so clean and the sun shines and, most of all, I can restart my long salad season! (Which means I will be starving but Summer comes after Spring so…)

I have to try convince myself that celery has detox properties and it will help me face the new sun, getting rid of all the crappy Winter food I’ve been eating in the “chocolate country” where I live!


Celery – as much as you like!

Cottage Cheese – as much as you like!

Sunflower Seeds – as many as you like!

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Celery and sunflower seeds!

There is not much to explain when you have to make a salad and in this case even less as the only thing you should do is slice the celery very thin!

I used one of those kitchen tools – with a centered blade – to slice vegetables so my celery was incredibly thin, as I don’t like big chunks of it!

That’s really all you have to do besides opening the cottage cheese, sprinkling a few sunflower seeds on top of your salad and pouring some olive oil drops to dress it!

It’s fresh, juicy and quick and I love it because I never know what to do with celery that otherwise looks at me from the fridge shelf for a week until I sadly have to say goodbye to it!!!

Celery Spring Salad


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