Risolatte Like In The 50s

I was miles away from the idea of making risolatte but my friend La Rella asked me how could she use cardamom and, despite the fact that I had no idea, I ended up thinking and thinking about it…

In perfect Julie & Julia style, I took my grandmother’s cooking manual from the 50s and I looked up a suitable recipe to prepare sweet rice with milk and I simply decided I was going to add cardamom pods to it.

Il talismano della Felicità

I reduced the quantities to avoid making a week of sweet rice, but I’m writing down the original recipe from “Il Talismano della felicità” – The happiness talisman – as it is written… once upon a time…


250 gr Rice – special rice for dessert

500 ml Water

1 l Milk

1 Vanilla pod

A few Cardamom pods

150 gr Sugar

Cover the rice with 1/2 of a litre of cold water and let it boil for 2 minutes.

Pour the water away and replace it with a litre of milk that you have previously preheated with the vanilla and cardamom pods inside.

Milk & Friends

When the milk is boiling, add the sugar and cook the rice for 20 minutes on a low heat.

The recipe now tells you that you should NOT stir the rice during these 20 minutes and honestly, for once I followed literally the recipe instructions but after I spent half an hour trying to clean my pot as the rice had created a ‘lovely’, sticky layer on the bottom!!!

In the 50s they probably assumed you had a crystal bowl handy, handy in your kitchen and the Talisman suggested that you pour the hot rice, that should still have a bit of liquid that wasn’t absorbed, directly into your precious bowl to cool down. (Do I have to admit that I didn’t have it?!!)

Risolatte with Vanilla and cardamomo

After that – probably guilty because it suggested you use a crystal bowl – the book also mentions that when the creamy rice is cold it could be used for a great variety of very economic desserts and it carries on, listing all the different options. I will leave them out of this post for tonight as I’m madly tired and I should go to sleep…

Once upon a time…

once upon a time


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