Il Talismano Della Felicità

Title: Il talismano della felicità

Intro: Elogio della cucina Italiana

Language: Italian

Publisher: Carlo Colombo Roma

Il talismano della felicità

Why I like it:

This book was a Christmas present (1951) to my grandmother from her sister and brother-in-law and now, it is mine.

What I truly love, despite the fact that it was my gramma’s cooking book, is that it has a dedication on page one, written with an ancient calligraphy.

I have a thing for books with dedications, sometimes when I find a second-hand one in some market I buy it just because of those handwritten words between pages of impersonal letters.

As a cooking book it is indeed dated but whenever I have to prepare something ‘classic‘ or something that I know how it should be done – because everyone knows! – but have never actually cooked, then I find myself going back to this ‘Talisman of happiness’!

The words and the language used make me smile quite often. You can find titles like: ‘Giant gnocchi‘, ‘Fake turtle soup‘ – was it a fashion dish?! -, ‘pork feet’ and a few interesting others…

The book that I have is the XX edition, I’m not sure if it’s still printed, but if you can find it I would definitely call it a ‘masterpiece’ and buy it!

You will have to adapt most of the recipes to the modern kitchen tools you own unless you are aiming for ‘the perfect housewife experience‘ – I’d rather not! – but you can be sure you’ll find any Italian recipe between these pages.

Ah…before I forget speaking about finding… good luck with finding some of the listed ingredients too…

Il talismano della Felicitàinside page


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