Greedy London Bites I – Ben’s Cookies

There is no way that I can write properly everything I should about my short London week of food!

I confess that I tried to eat as much as I could – I almost felt sick! – but in the end I wisely chose to make a short list including my favourite London bites and post something short about each of them.

With no doubt now, I can start with Ben’s cookies!

Ben's cookies boxheaven in a box

My passion for cookies is almost dangerous! If you give me a pack of chocolate cookies I act exactly like a Labrador, meaning I don’t give up until the pack is empty!

Ben’s cookies are definitely incredible! You can find these red, tiny cookie shops around London and you will recognise them because there is always a line of people gultily waiting in front.

The cookies are always warm and you can’t go wrong even if you choose blindly!

cookies!It is cookies heaven but…

Side effects: I have no idea how many calories per cookie and – honestly?! – I don’t want to know!

No way, don’t tell me! I have the feeling I could probably cover my calories need for a week with one single cookie!

You can’t eat them all the time but, once in a while you must, not even you should, you really must!

Dark chocolate, triple chocolate, orange and milk chocolate, nuts and raisins, peanut butter and chocolate, white chocolate and cranberry, ginger, nuts and nuts…

Double chocolate


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