Jamie – Me – And The Airport Food

I have a long list of things to post and, as I really have no idea from where I should start, I decided to start from the end: my journey back from London trhough Gatwick airport and Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant.

(I killed the time waiting for my plane by writing down this post so it’s pretty much ready to go!)

Jamie Oliver's pub at Gatwick

Expectations: I guess everything comes down to expectations in the end.
I was so looking forward to the Jamie Oliver spot at Gatwick airport, of course I was going to be disappointed!
(So disappointed to run away to Pret and grabbed an ‘angry’ chocolate croissant!)
The (disap)point(ment) is that I didn’t feel like ordering anything at Jamie’s Italian – I’m Italian after all so ordering a sad square slice of pizza there was not turning me on at all! The choice for quick bites is not great.
The restaurant might be good but as I’m travelling on my own and I rank eating alone at a restaurant as one of the saddest things ever, eating there didn’t even cross my mind. You could add the fact that it’s currently 6pm and really, I don’t feel like having dinner.

Jamie's Italian menuJamie's Italian
But I have to confess that something else was madly tempting me: Jamie’s bar!
It does look welcoming, friendly, stylish enough to be a cool pub in west London (or east, let’s not upset anybody!) and let you forget for a second that you are in the airport lobby.
I felt like ordering a massive glass of Pimm’s while waiting for my plane.
I didn’t do it.
Drinking alone is almost as sad as dining alone – or you should have a great reason for doing it: I didn’t.

Drinking time at the pub

It’ll be for the next time.
Shame on me, I could have, it was aperitivo time in the end…I could have made up some kind of excuse.

Home Swiss Home



  1. Welcome home! Gatwick is one of the better airports….at least better than the one I’ve been trapped in all day today. Good to see you posting again. I’m guessing you’ve missed your kitchen as much as I’ve missed mine. 🙂

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