London Pics Gallery

It’s like I never left.

I never realised how much I missed London even if, this time, an incredible mix of sweet and sour feelings hit me all at once and left a very bitter taste behind.

I took too many photos during my London visit and I can’t write 20 posts about it – I’m already something like 20 posts behind!!! So I’m turning most of the photos into one single post as my ‘Reading & Awards‘ category is suffering a bit lately.

People get surprised when I argue that I miss London’s food, even my Mum today was mumbling something about how bad I’d probably eaten last week. Why? I had great food! The beauty of London is that you can eat anything you like; what is sad is that you can eat it any time of the year you like! The first year I got there I remember I was walking down Oxford Street and my Mum called me very excited because she just bought the first mandarins of the Xmas season and she asked me if I had bought any yet. I turned around and I was passing by a fruit stall that was selling cherries!!! (Xmas in England is not a good season for cherries…is summer a good season for cherries?! God knows.)

I miss the big food markets from Brick Lane, to Cameden Market to Borough Market and even my little Queen’s Park Sunday farmers market that introduced me to chutney. I badly miss the fresh salmon, the hummus, the cookies (damn cookies!), I miss the Sunday roast and the weekend brunch, I definitely miss the Pimm’s – so much that this time I bought a bottle at the airport putting myself in trouble with the Easyjet luggage policy! – I miss the Yorkshire pudding, I miss that I could eat any kind of food feeling like as I was travelling around the world even when I barely had the money to book a plane home, I miss the crispy duck, the dizzy Japanese food running around in little colourful plates – creepy – and I miss a lot of other things but I will stop with this never-ending list by saying that what I don’t miss at all is that to eat healthy you need to put a lot of effort in because without realising it you end up eating a lot of rubbish too.

Back home I’m happy to have my Jamie’s Great Britain cooking book knowing that I will still miss London but that life always comes with good memories and that is maybe why we miss places and that I should not be sad because going back doesn’t mean you will miss the place less.

I could have taken 1000 pics …


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