Greedy London Bites III – Okonomiyaki

If you have been to Brick Lane market you will know that there is so much food from so many different places that you will feel dizzy before even being able to eat. So, be smart and try to think what you feel like eating before and, most of all, make your decision quickly when you get there because if not you will end up not enjoying at all what you’re eating! If you want to take a bit of advice you should try to pick something that is cooked in front of you and that has been boiling for an undefined time…just a piece of advice…

I knew what I wanted: Okonomiyaki and Onigiri!


Even though it was something I had a long time ago my brain remembered it as soon as I stepped inside the market and I even remembered exactly in which corner it was sold. (Btw it is sold for £6 – bargain!!!)

Memories are a strange thing, they hit you in the face so badly, so nicely; you just need a trigger and boom! You’re back in time or you’re miles away from where you are standing.

I knew what I wanted to eat, I stepped there – as fast as a fox – and I ordered it in a kinda trance!

I didn’t want to think, I didn’t want to remember, I tried to cancel that bitter taste with this sweet corn Osaka pancakes!

I don’t know if it worked but I still love these Japanese pancakes!

Japanese food is not just sushi and I have a dream to go to Japan one day and discover all of the food that is so far from my culture and so unknown to me.

But until then…I enjoyed my Osaka pancakes with a little Onigiri rice triangle that looked exactly like the ones I used to see in TV cartoons when I was little!


I have the feeling that the main ingredient is cabbage and with that you have some savoury cheese, some very mysterious dark sauce and the strange Japanese mayonnaise, but they are all indeed good together!

Sticky and good!

cooking it up!

If you have the chance to walk around the market and you have never tried these strange pancakes you should definitely be brave and curious; if you have the recipe you should definitely share it with me, pretty please!


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  1. I grew up eating okonomiyaki as a snack at a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall in Osaka, Japan. It was very original and basic during my childhood (cabbage mixture with some meat of the choice, sauce and topped with herbs and ‘stuff’. Oh, how nostalgic. These days, there are all kinds of varieties available at specialty okonomiyaki restaurants. 😀

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